Norma Graves

Like the lunar phases, I, Norma Graves, have my good days and bad days. But my commitment to enjoying life and all it has to offer despite the bad days is what prompted me to make this blog. Hello everyone, and welcome to The Embro Crafts! This is my little internet wonderland where I share my arts and crafts, DIY trinkets, and other imaginative musings with all of you. I figure there’s people out there who share my quirky aesthetic, as well as my enthusiasm for the idiosyncracies of all that free-flowing creative endeavors bring. So, how did I come to be a blogger exactly? Keep reading to find out!

You scrolled down here, good! Hello again — did you know that thread-making is an ancient art, with evidence of thread production dating back over 30,000 years? For as long as we’ve been around on this rock, we’ve loved making little crafts. It’s our way of expressing beauty and love to everyone around us. As for me, I can’t exactly remember when I got into making trinkets, but it was probably while playing with my older sister. As I got older, it became so that I would nonchalantly make for my friends and family any little craft they could ask of me — birthday cards, gift boxes, popup envelopes, friendship bands, necklaces, and so much more.

It wasn’t just crafting for the sake of crafting though. Each piece was unique, special, and contained within it a unique tale. There were so many that I made just for myself, every time something significant happened in my life (a birthday, graduation, a relationship), I made sure to commemorate it by creating a new piece of art, in whatever form it may take. At some point though, the process itself became more fun than the outcome. Said process, I figured, was best enjoyed with others, the way I used to with my sister. Which is why, now, this project of mine exists! I hope you enjoy it the same way I do.

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